Mendesain Scroll Bar dengan CSS

I thought it would be helpful to consolidate the latest information on scroll bars, CSS, and browser compatibility.

Scroll Bar CSS Support

Currently, there exists no cross-browser scroll bar CSS styling definitions. The W3C article I mention at the end has the following statement and was recently updated (FRI 21 DEC 2012 06:20:49 AM CET):
Some browsers (IE, Konqueror) support the non-standard properties 'scrollbar-shadow-color', 'scrollbar-track-color' and others. These properties are illegal: they are neither defined in any CSS specification nor are they marked as proprietary (by prefixing them with "-vendor-")


As others have mentioned, Microsoft supports scroll bar styling (example) but, only for IE8 and above.
         .TA {

Chrome & Safari (webkit)

Similarly, webkit now has its own version:
         From Custom Scrollbars in WebKit, relevant CSS:
         /* pseudo elements */
         ::-webkit-scrollbar              {  }
         ::-webkit-scrollbar-button       {  }
         ::-webkit-scrollbar-track        {  }
         ::-webkit-scrollbar-track-piece  {  }
         ::-webkit-scrollbar-thumb        {  }
         ::-webkit-scrollbar-corner       {  }
         ::-webkit-resizer                {  }
         /* pseudo class selectors */

Firefox (Gecko)

Firefox does not have its own version of scroll bar styles according to this SO answer from Custom CSS Scrollbar for Firefox.
There's no Gecko equivalent to ::-webkit-scrollbar and friends.
You'll have to stick with jQuery.
Plenty of people would like this feature, see:
This report is asking for the exact same thing you're asking for:

Cross-browser Scroll Bar Styling

JavaScript libraries and plug-ins can provide a cross-browser solution. There are many options.
The list could go on. Your best bet is to search around, research, and test the available solutions. I am sure you will be able to find something that will fit your needs.

Prevent Illegal Scroll Bar Styling

Just in case you want to prevent scroll bar styling that hasn't been properly prefixed with "-vendor", this article over at W3C provides some basic instructions. Basically, you'll need to add the following CSS to a user style sheet associated with your browser. These definitions will override invalid scroll bar styling on any page you visit.
body, html {
  scrollbar-face-color: ThreeDFace !important;
  scrollbar-shadow-color: ThreeDDarkShadow !important;
  scrollbar-highlight-color: ThreeDHighlight !important;
  scrollbar-3dlight-color: ThreeDLightShadow !important;
  scrollbar-darkshadow-color: ThreeDDarkShadow !important;
  scrollbar-track-color: Scrollbar !important;
  scrollbar-arrow-color: ButtonText !important;

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