Kepemilikan Codeigniter Sudah Beralih (Codeigniter Baru 3.0)

Codeigniter Web Framework

Sepertinya kepemilikan dan pengembangan framework codeigniter sudah benar-benar telah beralih tangan, sebabnya sekarang jika kita masuk ke website ellislab codeigniter maka akan otomatis beralih ke alamat website yang merupakan rumah barunya codeigniter.

British Columbia Institute of Technology(BCIT) ,di berikan kepercayaan oleh ellishlab untuk mengembangkan codeigniter.

Ketika pada saat anda browsing tentang codeigniter di google, kemudian google mengalihkan saya ke halaman website ellislab, maka ellislab akan mengalihkan halamannya dengan otomatis ke halaman website selain itu sebelum halaman beralih terdapat kata-kata kurang lebih seperti ini "Elislab Has Given Ownership Of Codeigniter The British Columbia Institute Of Technology, You Will Now Be Redirected To Its New Home" yang menandakan bahwa codeigniter sudah menyerahkan kepemilikan codeigniter kepada BCIT.

Pengalihan website codeigniter

Setelah kepemilikan resmi berganti, maka update dan realese dari codeigniter telah mulai terlihat kembali. Buktinya pada bulan juli 2014 codeigniter telah merealese codeigniter versi stable 2.2.0.

Download Codeigniter 2.2.0 dan 3.0

Hasil pemantauan saya sekarang codeigniter sedang membangun codeigniter versi 3.0, tetapi untuk tanggal realesenya masih belum bisa di ketahui. pasalnya userguide codeigniter versi 3.0 sudah tersedia di website .

Documentation Codeigniter 2.2.0 and 3.0

Berikut adalah beberapa perbaikan untuk codeigniter 3.0, mungkin untuk lebih jelasnya anda bisa lihat di

  • Fixed a bug where unlink() raised an error if cache file did not exist when you try to delete it.
  • Fixed a bug (#181) - a typo in the form validation language file.
  • Fixed a bug (#159, #163) - Query Builder nested transactions didn’t work properly due to $_trans_depth not being incremented.
  • Fixed a bug (#737, #75) - Pagination anchor class was not set properly when using initialize method.
  • Fixed a bug (#419) - URL Helper auto_link() didn’t recognize URLs that come after a word boundary.
  • Fixed a bug (#724) - Form Validation Library rule is_unique didn’t check if a database connection exists.
  • Fixed a bug (#647) - Zip Library internal method _get_mod_time() didn’t suppress possible “stat failed” errors generated by filemtime().
  • Fixed a bug (#157, #174) - Image Manipulation Library method clear() didn’t completely clear properties.
  • Fixed a bug where Database Forge method create_table() with PostgreSQL database could lead to fetching the whole table.
  • Fixed a bug (#795) - Form Helper form_open() didn’t add the default form method and accept-charset when an empty array is passed to it.
  • Fixed a bug (#797) - Date Helper timespan() was using incorrect seconds for year and month.
  • Fixed a bug in Cart Library method contents() where if called without a TRUE (or equal) parameter, it would fail due to a typo.
  • Fixed a bug (#406) - SQLSRV DB driver not returning resource on db_pconnect().
  • Fixed a bug in Image Manipulation Library method gd_loaded() where it was possible for the script execution to end or a PHP E_WARNING message to be emitted.
  • Fixed a bug in the Pagination library where when use_page_numbers=TRUE previous link and page 1 link did not have the same url.
  • Fixed a bug (#561) - errors in XML-RPC Library were not properly escaped.
  • Fixed a bug (#904) - Loader Library method initialize() caused a PHP Fatal error to be triggered if error level E_STRICT is used.
  • Fixed a hosting edge case where an empty $_SERVER['HTTPS'] variable would evaluate to ‘on’.
  • Fixed a bug (#154) - Session Library method sess_update() caused the session to be destroyed on pages where multiple AJAX requests were executed at once.
  • Fixed a possible bug in Input Libary method is_ajax_request() where some clients might not send the X-Requested-With HTTP header value exactly as ‘XmlHttpRequest’.
  • Fixed a bug (#1039) - Database Utilities internal method _backup() method failed for the ‘mysql’ driver due to a table name not being escaped. Fixed a bug (#1070) - CI_DB_driver::initialize() didn’t set a character set if a database is not selected.
  • Fixed a bug (#177) - Form Validation Library method set_value() didn’t set the default value if POST data is NULL.
  • Fixed a bug (#68, #414) - :Oracle’s escape_str() didn’t properly escape LIKE wild characters.
  • Fixed a bug (#81) - ODBC’s list_fields() and field_data() methods skipped the first column due to odbc_field_*() functions’ index starting at 1 instead of 0.
  • Fixed a bug (#129) - ODBC’s num_rows() method returned -1 in some cases, due to not all subdrivers supporting the odbc_num_rows() function.

Mungkin sekian dari saya, saya ucapkan terimakasih. :-)

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