Data Element Standart ISO 8583

ISO-Defined Data Elements
Data ElementTypeUsage
1b 64Bit Map Extended
2n ..19Primary account number (PAN)
3n 6Processing code
4n 12Amount, transaction
5n 12Amount, Settlement
6n 12Amount, cardholder billing
7n 10Transmission date & time
8n 8Amount, Cardholder billing fee
9n 8Conversion rate, Settlement
10n 8Conversion rate, cardholder billing
11n 6Systems trace audit number
12n 6Time, Local transaction (hhmmss)
13n 4Date, Local transaction (MMDD)
14n 4Date, Expiration
15n 4Date, Settlement
16n 4Date, conversion
17n 4Date, capture
18n 4Merchant type
19n 3Acquiring institution country code
20n 3PAN Extended, country code
21n 3Forwarding institution. country code
22n 3Point of service entry mode
23n 3Application PAN number
24n 3Function code(ISO 8583:1993)/Network International identifier (NII)
25n 2Point of service condition code
26n 2Point of service capture code
27n 1Authorizing identification response length
28n 8Amount, transaction fee
29n 8Amount. settlement fee
30n 8Amount, transaction processing fee
31n 8Amount, settlement processing fee
32n ..11Acquiring institution identification code
33n ..11Forwarding institution identification code
34n ..28Primary account number, extended
35z ..37Track 2 data
36n …104Track 3 data
37an 12Retrieval reference number
38an 6Authorization identification response
39an 2Response code
40an 3Service restriction code
41ans 16Card acceptor terminal identification
42ans 15Card acceptor identification code
43ans 40Card acceptor name/location
44an ..25Additional response data
45an ..76Track 1 Data
46an …999Additional data – ISO
47an …999Additional data – National
48an …999Additional data – Private
49a 3Currency code, transaction
50an 3Currency code, settlement
51a 3Currency code, cardholder billing
52b 16Personal Identification number data
53n 18Security related control information
54an …120Additional amounts
55ans …999Reserved ISO
56ans …999Reserved ISO
57ans …999Reserved National
58ans …999Reserved National
59ans …999Reserved for national use
60an .7Advice/reason code (private reserved)
61ans …999Reserved Private
62ans …999Reserved Private
63ans …999Reserved Private
64b 16Message authentication code (MAC)
65b 64Bit map, tertiary
66n 1Settlement code
67n 2Extended payment code
68n 3Receiving institution country code
69n 3Settlement institution county code
70n 3Network management Information code
71n 4Message number
72ans …999Data record (ISO 8583:1993)/n 4 Message number, last(?)
73n 6Date, Action
74n 10Credits, number
75n 10Credits, reversal number
76n 10Debits, number
77n 10Debits, reversal number
78n 10Transfer number
79n 10Transfer, reversal number
80n 10Inquiries number
81n 10Authorizations, number
82n 12Credits, processing fee amount
83n 12Credits, transaction fee amount
84n 12Debits, processing fee amount
85n 12Debits, transaction fee amount
86n 15Credits, amount
87n 15Credits, reversal amount
88n 15Debits, amount
89n 15Debits, reversal amount
90n 42Original data elements
91an 1File update code
92n 2File security code
93n 5Response indicator
94an 7Service indicator
95an 42Replacement amounts
96an 8Message security code
97n 16Amount, net settlement
98ans 25Payee
99n ..11Settlement institution identification code
100n ..11Receiving institution identification code
101ans 17File name
102ans ..28Account identification 1
103ans ..28Account identification 2
104ans …100Transaction description
105ans …999Reserved for ISO use
106ans …999Reserved for ISO use
107ans …999Reserved for ISO use
108ans …999Reserved for ISO use
109ans …999Reserved for ISO use
110ans …999Reserved for ISO use
111ans …999Reserved for ISO use
112ans …999Reserved for national use
113n ..11Authorizing agent institution id code
114ans …999Reserved for national use
115ans …999Reserved for national use
116ans …999Reserved for national use
117ans …999Reserved for national use
118ans …999Reserved for national use
119ans …999Reserved for national use
120ans …999Reserved for private use
121ans …999Reserved for private use
122ans …999Reserved for private use
123ans …999Reserved for private use
124ans …255Info Text
125ans ..50Network management information
126ans .6Issuer trace id
127ans …999Reserved for private use
128b 16Message Authentication code
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